Return of BigMac

With the return of Matthew officer to the team and the retirement of Adam and Finn, the 2919A plate was handed on to the next most worthy student. Matt O's always been a fond user of the KISS principle hence the name BigMac, however with great power comes great responsibility so something a bit more complex was required.

Matt Officer returned to robotics at the beginning of the season, and as the most experienced member took over the 2919A plate. RoB-M was really just a test bed to get ideas flowing and some practice with some more complex mechanisms. Although driven in a couple of home hosted scrimmages, RoB-M was never truly complete due to it's test bed status. However, lessons were learnt and a new robot will be built of the principles learnt.


  • 6 Motor Drive
  • 2 Motor RD4B Lift
  • 1 Motor Chain-bar
  • 1 motor Claw
  • Pneumatic Mobile Goal lifter