Om-Nom-Nominator V2

Realising that he only had a competitive robot and not a 'winner' and, with only three weeks until the World Championships, the principle designer and builder for 2919, Nathan Allen, elected to make copy of one of the more competitive robots.

Unfortunately Nathan, along with the principle designer and builder of K Force's other robot to qualify for the worlds, Kent McLeod, had a long standing school commitment in the form of a trip to Nepal for two weeks. This meant that they were away for two weeks, arriving back in time to depart for Dallas the next day. Nathan made the robot copy in one week but unfortunately the lift mechanism was working poorly. A number of the problems that arose were due to not having the same materials to build with as the original.

James Davis, Christian Silver, Vassily Schumane, and Michael Shafer put in considerable time redesigning and building the lifting mechanism in the two weeks prior to the worlds. The robot still required much work on arrival in Dallas. The drive team of Nathan and Vassily competed in the Maths division finishing in 16th place and were the third selection in the first alliance. The alliance consisted of Chinese Team 8192A from Shanghai and fellow NZ Team Free Range Robotics (2921A). The alliance went on to win the World title 2-0 which was an emotional moment for their K Force team mates in the crowd.