The Om-Nom-Nominator evolved directly from the previous season's robots. When it was realised that the track loader, with minimum modification, could manipulate the new game pieces the previous seasons robot was modified to enable it to play Clean Sweep. The tracks were widened a little and a top track was added to form a 3 track pick up. Nathan Allen became the primary builder and designer of this robot.

With high strength gears now available to the team, the cumbersome and slow winch mechanism was replaced by gears. It was realised that if the track loader was placed as high as possible on the robot and a retractable ramp was added, it would be able to score in the triangular goals. This proved to be the case and the robot became the first machine (that the team was aware of) to be able to reliably achieve this in the Clean Sweep game. With more omni wheels and motors available a holonomic drive base was made. This resulted in a highly capable, very well engineered robot that won a number of monthly 'scrimmages' that are a feature of the New Zealand competition.

The robot went on to win its way to the NZ National VEX competition final as the third choice in an alliance with Glenfield College (2918) and K Forces other team 2919B. The alliance lost in the final. While the robot was competitive and able to score in every aspect of the Clean Sweep game it was not a quick or fast scoring robot. It was realised towards the end of the season, as other teams became more competitive, that the Om-Nom-Nominator would not be a 'winner' in its own right. Having qualified two teams for the World Championships and with only 3 weeks to prepare to go, Nathan decided decided to pull the robot apart and make a copy of Glenfield College's robot.

The robot had served us well being our only robot for the majority of the season and it had earned a number of admires from other teams for its tidy well engineered design and its all round abilities.