Momentum was designed and built with foreknowledge that it would act as both a prototype for a full design our team wanted to try out as well as the robot we would compete with at majority of the NZ Ladder Scrimmages which, at the time, would be needed to qualify to compete at 2015 NZ Nationals.

Specs of the robot included:

  • 4 Motor Expanding X-Drive (Torque Internal Motor Gearing)
  • 4 Motor 11.7 : 1 Reverse Double 4 Bar Lift
  • 2 Motor Conveyor Intake (2 Capacity)
  • Passive Skyrise Intake

The achievements the robot also managed to rack up included:

  • 2x Tournament Champion
  • 3x Tournament Finalist
  • 1x Design Award

Momentum helped many teams from around the world in the development of the specialized lift, a reverse double four bar, which was new to many teams. Posting regular updates and offering teams to email Marco and ask for help, the design inspired many teams and became a well known robot on the vexforums.

The expanding drive was designed with the intention to prevent the robot from tipping in any direction, and served it's purpose to it's full potential.

As the Skyrise season is coming nearer to the 2015 Nationals, we have decomissioned the prototype Momentum and designed a new robot, drawing an end to a favourite of the team and a memorable robot for the early NZ skyrise scrimmages.