Many Named One

This season 2919A composed of Christian Silver, Conrad Edwards and Matt Sole. The team was slow to get into the season, missing many of the first scrimmages to try and perfect their experimental robot design. They were quite fickle with the design, as the robot actually went through six distinct versions before finally settling on a robot for the World Championships - which they qualified for with a programming skills score of 27.

This design was typical of many of the 'NZ Gateway' design robots - a four bar linkage carrying a long intake with two side rollers. It wasn't without its originality, though. The intake tray used C channel as opposed to the usual polycarbonate, had tensioner wheels to aid with problems of friction, used meccanum wheels and had our personal favourite: the lunchbox which hid away our messy wiring and pneumatics. The pneumatics were used to deploy wings that could aid with blocking other robots.

The World Championships were thoroughly enjoyed by this team. Unfortunately during divisional quarterfinals, one of their alliance partners put the negater barrel onto the robot when it was not on a starting tile - leading to a disqualification.