Flat Tray Bot

Right from the beginning, the robot tried to utilise polycarbonate scoops and pneumatics as an intake method for the elusive sacks. For a time, it did divert to the world-championship-winning track and roller design, but we always came back to the polycarbonate.

The design was fairly simple: have a large roller that pulled sacks onto a scoop that was flush with the ground. Have this scoop tip downwards when outtaking into the sack trough. It could do all of the good things: carry up to 12 sacks, perform in autonomous, score in the high goal with a 'sackapault', descore all of the game elements, and easily go under the troughs. The trickiest element was always sacks getting jammed in moving parts of the robot. Many an hour was spent filing, cable tying, and fastening different elements but even the design that went to the World Championships wasn't perfect.

The team of Lingshu Liu and Christian Silver won the excellence award at the Asia Pacific 2012 Championships, which was a fantastic achievement.

It was only at the end of the world championships when the team realised that they're design was the forerunner of many other designs to come - it was popularised through our performance at APAC and then many others took the design and tweaked it.