El Crapo

El Crapo was a robot created by young Kristin team, new to robotics. That was the first robot build by Angela, Denis, Jay, Jouveer, Jason and Petr. For the 2017 Vex "In the Zone" game. "El Crapo" was made for New Zealand nationals, however instead was taken to the Asia-Pasific robotics competition. Even thought, "El Crapo" didn't perform well at the competition, it was a good start for the team and a priceless experience to learn from.

After several months of commitment and hard work "El Crapo" was created. Basically, consisting from a reverse double four bar as the lift, with a fixed intake for the cones pickup, and a four bar on the opposite side of the drive, "El Crapo" was good at completing the tasks it was made for. However, it wasn't as time efficient, which has led to its low rating at the APAC competition. Run from 6 motor drive, 2 motor mobile scoaring goal pickup and 4 motor lift it was fast and powerful, however, the design of locating mobile scoaring goal at the other side from intake, was time consuming, in other words inefficient. Although, all the design mistakes made in "El Crapo" were considered and redesigned further for competitions, later in the season.