2919C’s Updated Robot

After taking inspiration from some of chinas robots at the APAC convention held down in Rotorua, team 2919C has made many improvements to their robot.

2919C’s Improved Robot

After seeing the competition at the APAC convention team 2919C decided that they needed to step up their game and make a robot capable of competing at this elite level. In order to do this a lot of components of the robot had to be redesigned which resulted in a complete rebuild of the robot. The 2 big changes that were made was being able to pick up cones and the mobile base on the same side of the robot and then being able to carry the mobile base on our robot for extended periods of time. This was an advantage because cone stacks could be made faster and the motors on the mobile goal lift would not burn out due to the fact that it did not need to stay constantly running for the base to remain off the ground. Another main change from the previous one is the teams choice of intake, changing their previous passive intake to a now motorised one which consists of intake rollers, this allows the cone to be picked up more reliably and allows for easy releasing of the cone when it needs to be dropped. The new robot will now consist of a 6 motor drive, 2 motor lift, 1 motor mobile goal intake, 1 motor roller intake, and 2 motor 3rd stage 4 Bar. Overall this new robot aims to fix all the issues of our old robot “El Crapo” and up the build standards that we had.