Robot C Download

As of the 1st of September 2016 RobotC has become free to download for those who use the VEX EDR and VEX IQ systems. 

Written by Finn Beavis on Saturday October 22, 2016
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Some Good Links

Here are some good links

Electrical Engineer Community has a wealth of information, resources and links - Check them out

All About Circuits is another site with a huge amount of information across the spectrum of control technology



Written by Mr Allen on Saturday October 8, 2016


2015-2016 Nothing But Net

This year’s VEX robotics completion nothing but net is played on the standard vex 12 foot by 12 foot square field. Similar to previous VRC games two robots work together to form an alliance to compete against another alliance. Matches start with a 15 second autonomous bonus where there is …

Written by Finn Beavis on Friday April 17, 2015
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Github Tutorial - How to use github when programming in a team

A short video detailing the basics of working with GitHub. This is mostly helpful to programmers looking for a way to effectively store code with lots of additional features for collaboration.

Written by on Monday January 12, 2015
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Lift Programming

In this video Jerry teaches us how to program a robots lift using robotC. Using this knowledge, coding any part of a robot can become possible.

Written by on Monday January 12, 2015
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