This team has had a lot of people tirelessly put hours and hours into it to allow what it has become. It is important to take a moment to acknowledge those people.


Mr Martin Allen 

With us from the very beginning, Mr Allen is a tireless teacher and mentor. He teaches us how to make robots, helps us back up when we make mistakes and is never afraid to go that extra mile for just about anything. From aiding with a frantic redesign, to coming in from the comfort of his own home to the workshop on a weekend for the sake of a few students, he will do the lot.




Mr Jamie Davis

Jamie joined us during the toss up season after completing his aviation degree at Massy University. Jamie, an Alumni of K-Force formed the VEX U team FEAR at Palmerston North's Massy campus. Jamie has been to worlds a multitude of times including with K-Force competing in the VRC competition, With FEAR competing in the VEX U competition as well as traveling to judge. Jamie's passion for robotics means that it is unusual for him not to be at every session every week without payment, 2919 is greatly indebted to Jamie for his assistance.



Keeping track of people currently in the team is a battle - with so many people coming and going so regularly! So we keep a list of those who have stayed in K Force for a good length of time, all of which making valuable contributions to the team.

  • Adam McLeod 2013-2017(Student Leader, NZ Nationals Excellence Award 2017)
  • Finn Beavis 2011-2017
  • Paul Kelly 2015-2016 (Mentor, Workshop Supervisor)
  • Matthew Officer 2012-1016
  • Marty Kim 2012 -2016
  • Marco Tyler-Rodrigue 2012-2016 (Student Leader)
  • Kylie Dunlop  2012-2015 (Mentor, Media leader) 
  • Christian Silver: 2009-2014 (Student Leader, Asia Pacific Excellence Award 2012)
  • Jerry Fan: 2012-2014
  • Matthew Williams 2011-2014
  • Lingshu Liu: 2011-2013
  • Conrad Edwards: 2010-2012
  • Matt Sole: 2010-2012
  • Hayden Wilson: 2011 (Student Leader)
  • Stephanie Bickerstaff: 2011
  • Sophie Large: 2010-2011
  • Thomas Paulin: 2010
  • Jamie Davis: 2008-2010 (World Championship Judges Award 2010)
  • Kent McLeod: 2008-2010 (Student Leader, World Championship Judges Award 2010) 
  • Vassily Shumane: 2008-2010 (World Champion 2010)
  • Nathan Allen: 2008-2010 (World Champion 2010)
  • Michael Shafer: 2008-2010 (World Championship Judges Award 2010)
  • Andrew Chen: 2008-2010
  • Simon Johnson 2008-2009 (Founding Team leader)