If any part of the engineering world interests you, why not join K Force? It is an extra-curricular activity at Kristin School available to any student in year 7 or above. This activity has been recorded by many as "life-changing".   Students are able to pursue STEM (Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology) projects and competitions  such as the VEX Robotics Competition, The Evolocity electric vehicle competition and their own interests such as RC modelling or electronics.  The activity is focused on creativity, building and understanding where students pursue a construction or design project.  It is not a gaming style activity.  Students are also able to pursue these interests as part of the Engineering Design subject from Year 10 onwards.     

K Force exists to develop and foster student interest and abilities in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).  

K Force caters for students who are interested in developing knowledge and skills in a wide range of areas from mechanical engineering and programming to graphical design and video production. K Force offers numerous leadership opportunities and will equip motivated students with the skills of engineering.  The activity can be pursued as an extracurricular activity and can also be integrated  into the Engineering Design subject from Year 10 onwards. 

K Force students meet after school in the Technology Block Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4; Tuesdays, Wednesdays Thursdays and Friday after school (3:30 pm – 5:00 pm).  Later sessions are organised as required to meet competition and event requirements.  Students are not expected to be present at all sessions but 2 sessions (or 3-4 hours per week) is required to gain significant benefit.  Students who are unable to attend any of the monthly VEX Robotics competitions on Saturdays will miss out on the competition environment and much of the insight and motivation for the lengthy and ongoing development of their team's robot for this competition. 

Membership Subscription Details

  • $200 per year plus uniform if desired (approx $55) charged to students school account until advised otherwise. (A school PE shirt with jeans is perfectly acceptable for uniform which is generally only worn at major competitions and displays)  
  • Students will be refunded in full if they withdraw from K Force within the first month.
  • Students will receive half refunds if they terminate K Force prior to the end of Term 3.
  • For students pursuing project work or competitions other than the VEX Robotics competition the subscription will be negotiated. 

K Force is a largely a self-funding activity run by volunteers and is always seeking sponsorship, helpers and fundraising opportunities. If you would like to help at all we would obviously be very interested.

 Parental permission is required for the use of images in media and for venue and transport risk.

K Force students will, from time to time, appear in photographs, video and other media promoting K Force and robotics in general. K Force will enter media in various national and international competitions for video production and web design etc. K Force may provide media to STEM competition organizations for their promotional purposes. K Force will make media releases from time to time regarding events.

Students will travel to local competitions in the Auckland area in school vans or private cars.  These are typically held in school or university grounds and public venues such as MOTAT. Events such as sponsor functions are also held from time to time.

All students are of course welcome to come to K Force activities and competitions but students involved in K Force activities and competitions involving time off school are selected based on expertise, time commitment, help with preparations and reliability.   Students who do not attend regularly with a significant time commitment cannot expect days off school to attend competitions and activities.

The following links illustrate some of the many activities students can get involved with. 

Separate parental permission will be sought for participation and travel to events and the use of media that fall outside those described above.

Students in years 9 or higher are permitted to go to the shops across the road outside of school hours during K Force sessions, It is expected that students remain in the vicinity of the technology workshops during sessions. Playing computer games is frowned upon and students who are not able to focus on their activities will be asked to leave as they will gain little and distract other students.

The group emails and the K Force website are the primary source of information for members and parents.