In order to participate in K-Force, a huge amount of responsibility must be accepted by the students as they will be entrusted with specific operations that allow and ensures K-Forces success. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with these basic yet vital expectations that all students must adhere to.

K-Force members are expected to:

1. Act and expect others to act in a safe manner 100% of the time.

2. Work with a positive attitude with a view to achieving personal excellence in accomplishing team goals.

3. Respect gains respect. Act as a team and respect others points of view. ‘A house full of people is a house full of different points of view’ – Maori Proverb

4. Be reliable. Do what you say you will do, and make sure that you let others know if you are not going to be able to complete a task before its due date.

5. Stay in communication via the schools email system and the website

6. Maintain a focus on academic excellence and actively pursue and accept leadership opportunities.

7. Maintain the highest standards of behavior, manners, and conduct at all times and, in particular, when representing K-Force at competitions or in public. 

8. Use the VEX Forums, the K-Force website, and other teams social media pages. Contact other robotics students around the world. However, avoid engaging in communications on social media such as texts, emails twitter, Facebook or web forums where the content is undignified or argumentative. Any criticisms of K-Forc/≥e should be answered in a dignified, factual and calm manner by the student leader concerned. Do not engage in criticism or negative social media exchanges regarding other teams or individuals. The same standards and consequences outlined in the Kristin School digital citizenship contract applies to K-Force students.

9. Do not post images or video of K-Force or other New Zealand team’s robots on social media. Teams around the world often look to NZ teams for ideas and will copy NZ robots. New Zealand teams like to keep their ideas and designs within the NZ VEX community until after the national championships.

10. Have fun and enjoy yourself.