K Force 2015

With the website competition deadline knocking on our doorstep, I realised a new K Force website was well and truly overdue. The key criteria was to make this one as easy to edit as possible.

Written by Christian Silver on Monday January 12, 2015

Team 2919M - 'Momentum' Robot Reveal

As the season is progressing into the now mid/late season and we are continuing to redesign and rebuild, we've decided it is time to reveal our early season Skyrise Robot "Momentum" which is now decommissioned.

Written by Marco Tyler-Rodrigue on Saturday October 25, 2014
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Canberra Trip 2014

Between the 22 and 25 of August, eleven students from the robotics team flew over to Canberra to attend the first VEX Robotics scrimmage between Australia and New Zealand. The event was sponsored by Northrop Grumman with the aim of establishing VEX robotics in Australia.

Written by on Tuesday August 26, 2014

And the game for 2014 is...

Say hello to Skyrise.

Written by Christian Silver on Friday April 25, 2014

We're in Good Hands

As the years progress on, our more experienced members have to move on. That doesn't matter, because the K Force team is full of up and coming members that can work together and hold the team up no sweat. How did the recent VEX Robotics Nationals 2014 go? It was an absolute success.

Written by Christian Silver on Monday March 3, 2014

World Championships 2013

It has all come to a close, Sack Attack shall be played no more! These last few days were a blast, although they were fairly emotional, leading up to a divisional semi-final.

Written by Christian Silver on Sunday April 21, 2013