We're in Good Hands

As the years progress on, our more experienced members have to move on. That doesn't matter, because the K Force team is full of up and coming members that can work together and hold the team up no sweat. How did the recent VEX Robotics Nationals 2014 go? It was an absolute success.

Written by Christian Silver on Monday March 3, 2014

World Championships 2013

It has all come to a close, Sack Attack shall be played no more! These last few days were a blast, although they were fairly emotional, leading up to a divisional semi-final.

Written by Christian Silver on Sunday April 21, 2013

A White Night

An invitation by the Auckland Arts Festival came to K-Force Robotics asking us to display our robots in front of the public of Auckland. This would take place at the White Night Display in the Remuera library. The invitation was greeted with enthusiasm and soon we had dusty robots from Nationals…

Written by on Sunday March 17, 2013

Nationals Round Up

As soon as APAC was over and the cup won by Christian and LingShu was safely put in a glass cabinet, everyone began working on their robots again. This time we were working towards the National Championships, held at the Telstra Clear Events Centre in Manukau on the 1-3 March. Already one of tea…

Written by on Monday March 4, 2013

Auckland Scrimmage

Yesterday we had a scrimmage over at Auckland University. 26 teams battled through the sweltering heat in what was a pretty competitive event. Big thanks to 2921B (George @ Free Range) for picking our A team as an alliance partner and helping us through to the semi finals of the day. These high …

Written by Christian Silver on Saturday February 16, 2013

It's That Time of Year Again!

Online challenges, oh yes! I made a few changes to the website anticipating this. I replaced our decrepit events calendar with one that dynamically loads the Kiwibots Auckland and Kiwibots NZ calendars. Once robotics starts up again there will also be information about build sessions on it. I…

Written by Christian Silver on Friday January 11, 2013