Blokes Breakfast @ Kristin School

Multi Million dollar helicopters, rally cars, luxary trailer boats and vex robotics all bought togather in one great morning, Helping to bond father son relationships on the 4th of September

Written by on Saturday September 5, 2015

Changes are happening

Over the past few months there have been significant changes in Kforce in leadership and operation in order to operate the team more cohesively and therefor successfully. 

Written by Finn Beavis on Tuesday August 18, 2015
Category: news

Scrimmage - 8th August

On the 8th of August three K Force teams went to the second scrimmage of the year with high hopes

Written by on Sunday August 9, 2015

DesigNZ and our first scrimmage

Robots Prancing down a catwalk??? Keep reading to find out why

Written by Finn Beavis on Thursday July 30, 2015

Kiwi Challenge- Missile Mania!

After over 2 months of working on robots for Missile Mania K-Force departed to Unitec Albany Campus to compete in the annual Kiwi Challenge Regional Competition 

Written by Tristram Speedy on Friday June 5, 2015

Nothing But Net

K-Force is having 7 VRC teams, is this the most teams from a school in New Zealand and Australia?

Written by Matt Mazer on Tuesday June 2, 2015