Time to get serious

1 scrimmage win, 2 robots to finish, 3 more scrimmages until nationals... Time for us to get busy.

Written by Finn Beavis on Saturday October 15, 2016

2919C, 2 Scrimmages. 2 weeks. 2 huge achievements

2 Scrimmages In 2 weeks producing 2 outstanding results for Matt M and team

Written by Adam Mcleod on Saturday September 17, 2016

Progress Is Steady

Today three teams travelled to Lynfield in order to compete in the third Auckland scrimmage, where most teams saw considerable improvement across the board.

Written by on Saturday August 13, 2016

Scrimmage 2 @ Kristin

Today three of our Kristin teams competed at home, in their first scrimmage of the year. 

Written by Finn Beavis on Saturday July 30, 2016

Star Struck

After a chaotic end to last season and an issue with blog posts, we are back up online,  updating you with all of latest happenings for the season. 

Written by Matt Officer on Wednesday June 22, 2016

November - Looking Ahead

As senior's are preparing for their NCEA exam starting in mid-november and carrying through until the end of the New Zealand school year K-Force is preparing for the summer break as well.

Written by Tristram Speedy on Monday November 2, 2015