Countdown to Nationals

The school is back from camp. Hope everyone had a great time and is ready for hard work leading up to Vex Nationals. On Saturday we have a scrimmage at Onehunga High School (9AM to 4PM) - the last one before Nationals. There is also an extra build session tomorrow for those who can make it. …

Written by Leanne Silver on Thursday February 24, 2011


Our entire school is heading off to camp tomorrow, so that means our entire team is as well. It's a great experience for everybody, we all get to know each other well at the beginning of the year so it sets the bar for the rest of it. There will be no updates on the website for that week.

Written by Christian Silver on Saturday February 19, 2011

A Bit of Thanks

Thanks to our team mates, family, friends and supporters who have taken the time to check out our website and vote for us. Don't forget to look at and vote for the other websites too. Also have a look at (and vote for) the other challenges - there are some fantastic entries. Also check out, …

Written by Leanne Silver on Wednesday February 16, 2011

Busy Week

Voting is open! Go to our entry page on the challenge website and vote generously. Wow, busy week for our team. On Monday we decided 2919C (our experimental tube loader robot) wasn't working out so we are rebuilding. The same goes for our 2919A robot, but to a lesser extent. Tomorrow the s…

Written by Christian Silver on Tuesday February 15, 2011

Work! Work! Work!

Ah! Back from a great weekend at band camp only to find myself programming for ten hours straight to add all the suggestions "kindly" provided to me from the rest of my team (on a random piece of paper). I added some colour here and there, and a dropdown menu for the about page (scroll your mo…

Written by Leanne Silver on Sunday February 13, 2011

Online Website Challenge

We have entered the EMC Online Website Challenge and we need your vote. To vote for our website please click here . You have to register, but it's a 30 second job. Voting isn't open yet, but will be on Monday. By voting for us you will help enable us to win the title of best website, and gai…

Written by Hayden Wilson on Friday February 11, 2011