VRC In The Zone & VIQC Ringmaster

By Matt Officer on Tuesday June 6, 2017

Following Worlds, the new games were announced, VRC In The Zone and VIQC Ringmaster.  After a bit down time and reorganising it's time to get back int he workshop.

In The Zone looks like a mixture of a Round Up (2010-2011) and Skyrise (2014-2015). We're expecting to see a few tall robots and hopefully a bit of more sophisticated programming to help. The team line up is as follows:

2919A - Captained by Matthew officer

2919C - Captained by Jouveer Naidoo

2919X - Captained by Joshua Wu

Ringmaster looks like it could be a could challenge for the IQ kids. At the moment no formal structure has been decided on, since the kids are a lot more flexible in their teams.