By Jouveer Naidoo on Sunday December 10, 2017

APAC 2017

In 2017 the Asia Pacific Robotics Competition (APAC) was held in Rotorua, New Zealand. This saw 1 Senior EDR team and 2 other VEX IQ Teams competing in this special event!

The VEX Asia Pacific competition held down in Rotorua was not only a great opportunity for our new and developing teams to learn more about what scrimmages and competitions were about, but also to gather information about this seasons upcoming competition. What was originally seen as a fun experience turn out to be an eye opener to about the ups and downs of VEX competitions and how the teams as a whole could work together to overcome their problems and progress forward to better themselves, their robots and their teams for future games. This was especially true for Kristin team 2919C, the senior EDR team who suffered from a number of losses during the APAC games. This loss has led to the motivation and passion to progress further by fixing obvious flaws in the robot and taking inspiration from others designs witnessed during the competition. This has also encouraged them to look at various other vex challenges, with the team preparing for the 2018 Online Challenges. APAC has helped strengthen and grow teams and has been beneficial to everybody involved.