By Finn Beavis on Saturday October 15, 2016

Time to get serious

1 scrimmage win, 2 robots to finish, 3 more scrimmages until nationals... Time for us to get busy.

Today Lynfield held their second scrimmage of the year with 48 teams competing. As per usual K Force is very grateful for all who gave up their time today to help run an event nearly 1/2 the size of nationals with little of the infrastructure. 

Unfortunately, only three K Force teams were able to compete today as many were furiously studying for their academic examinations.

2919A - Competed with their final starstruck robot which they hope to do plenty of refining of over the next few months before nationals. Despite competing against robots which were greatly refined they were still able to finish well within the top half of teams competing

2919X- Finished the day around 30th, which is a great sign as the members have started to take their robot seriously and show considerable improvement since their last scrimmage.

2919C - have followed their pattern of increasing success, today they again finished the qualification rounds undefeated ranked third. This success allowed them to alliance with 2900C and 2918E as a captain of the third seed alliance. After progressing through quarter and semi-finals they went on to win the entire scrimmage in a 2 match final!!!