Star Struck

By Matt Officer on Wednesday June 22, 2016

After a chaotic end to last season and an issue with blog posts, we are back up online,  updating you with all of latest happenings for the season. 


After a few months away from the website due to a glitch in the blog posts we are back and running in full operation with 6 teams competing in starstruck we have

2919A - Captained by Adam Mcleod with Finn providing support

2919B - Captained by Albie Thomas

2919C - Captained by Matt Mazer

2919X - Captained by Joshua Yu

2919Y - Captained by Nic A & Jai P

2919Z - Captained by Jimm Xu

A few weeks ago we received our game parts which we ordered in advance. The parts have been hotly anticipated by most team members as although we have experienced the game objects it has been difficult to build and refine our prototype robots which we aimed to have done by the second scrimmage.