Scrimmage 2 @ Kristin

By Finn Beavis on Saturday July 30, 2016

Today three of our Kristin teams competed at home, in their first scrimmage of the year. 

After visiting the first scrimmage on the 2nd of July, three K Force teams decided they were up for the challenge of competing in the second scrimmage, being held by K Force in the Science and Technology building. In order to prepare for competing, we took a lot of pictures and notes, in the first scrimmage and we discovered at this stage the most effective method appears to be a large scoop with prongs to dump elements over the fence. 

Despite this observation, 2919A showed up on the day with a somewhat complex mechanism for intaking the stars, by hooking them in the center and rolling them up. Although this was innovative in reality it was not very effective which resulted in a 19th place finish in the qualification rounds.

The two other teams; 2919X suffered many complications and struggled to complete at all so they ended up 25th; 2919C finished the day coming 13th which was a great achievement as many of the robots competing had already competed in Auckland's first scrimmage. 

As usual K Force would like to thank all the volunteers who turned up to school when their friends were still sleeping in order to set up and run a great day, where all those in attendance had nothing but praise to say about them!