Progress Is Steady

By on Saturday August 13, 2016

Today three teams travelled to Lynfield in order to compete in the third Auckland scrimmage, where most teams saw considerable improvement across the board.

Today Lynfield held an outstanding scrimmage as expected, and the volunteers ensured that matches were run swiftly and fairly to ensure enjoyment for all. 2919 had 3 different EDR teams and 3 IQ teams who came along to use the setup table for practice. After qualification rounds, K Force held the positions of 9th, 17th and 25th. 

2919C: Has improved considerably since the last scrimmage and the combination of a more effective, refined robot and an improvement in Matt's driving allowed the team to get their first top 10 this season, winning all their matches except one. this performance, unfortunately, did not end up with Matt being a 4th or 5th rank alliance and after picking as an alliance captain he was eliminated in the quarterfinals

2919Y: For this team, it was their first scrimmage of the year despite this nick and Jai finished the day winning three of their matches and losing two which placed them within the top half of all contestants.

2919X: Although it was a tough day at the office for Joshua and team it was still highly educational experience for them and despite many things not going their way the team still finished the day with a 40% win rate.