K Force is in good hands

By Finn Beavis on Sunday December 11, 2016

After 7 years of being in K Force, I can assure you that the next generation of roboteers will continue allowing K Force to thrive as a team

After seven years in K Force where my life revolved around robots, i have made the difficult decision not to compete as planned from December onwards with my own robot due to external factors. Although K Force has been a major part of my life, a place where I would spend hours each week, often late into the night I believe that it is for the best; It will allow "Juniors" to step up to the plate in terms of leadership; It will allow me to spend my very limited spare time being with a wider range of friends; And it will allow me a chance to train some of the juniors up before I leave completely and school life completely takes over. 

However, i can assure you that K Force is in great hands. Matt Mazer and his team in 2919C have already proved themselves as more than capable this season, in the last three scrimmages he has won one of them, comes first in qualifications in one of them and 2nd in the other scrimmage. All these results are highly commendable and I have no doubt that he will help all members of K Force continue to enjoy the experience. While I have been part of 2919A up until now this season I have contributed very minutely to that team (Stepped down as captain in march) so although I hope I will be missed my absence shall not make a material difference. 

Over the past 7 years I have witnessed many high's and many obstacles, but no matter the event I have always seen the team work together to overcome them and during my time I have seen our Kristin teams bring awards home from scrimmages, from nationals, from Asia pacific and from the world champs. This is something that I hope and believe the juniors will witness over the next 6 months