By Adam Mcleod on Saturday September 17, 2016

2919C, 2 Scrimmages. 2 weeks. 2 huge achievements

2 Scrimmages In 2 weeks producing 2 outstanding results for Matt M and team

Over the past few weeks, K-Force teams have competed twice at Onehunga on the third and Glenfield, Today on the 17th. Below is an update of how the teams have been going, in the scrimmages where well over 30 teams compete. As featured in this blog posts image the IQ teams have been travelling with us, ensuring that they get in as much practice as possible before their nationals.

2919Y - Competed on the third at Glenfield, Nic and Jai were having a great day until disaster struck and their cortex ran into major H-Bridge issues, despite the complication they were still able to achieve a couple of wins throughout the day, and next scrimmage they will be sure to bring along plenty of spare parts.

2919A - Ended up coming ninth at the first scrimmage, unfortunately, they tied their most important game of the day (the last one) which put them back from 5th place. Still unhappy with the performance of the robot (Not progressing past QF's) they chose to sit out the scrimmage today. 

2919X- Competed today but were still having fundamental build quality issues which lead to many breakages, they have all agreed that their dedication to the programme needs to improve in order to become competitive.

2919C - has been performing above all realistic expectations and they are proof K Force has a bright future coming up very soon. At Glenfield they were able to achieve second place after qualification rounds, however, was unable to sustain this success during the semi-finals where they were eliminated. Today Matt and team managed to improve on their last result, ending up 1st out of 36 teams (and the only undefeated team). Slightly disappointingly Matt was unable to pull through during the finals, being beaten in the third match.