Scrimmage 17th October

By on Monday October 19, 2015

2919M Junior team experiences elimination rounds for the first time!

On the 17th of October all K-Force teams except the two most senior teams, 2919A and 2919B who have been working hard on rebuilding their robots and raising them to a level which they are satisfied with competed at the last scrimmage K-Force would compete in for the year. 

Despite the scrimmage being very small with only 25 teams competing in the qualification rounds K-force ran into a number of issues which were very unfortunate and reminded us how important it was to maintain our robots. Never the less 2919F finished in 9th place which issued them a spot into the fourth seed alliance who defeated the 5th seed.

The fifth seed alliance which consisted of 2906D and 7757A 2919M who for the first time this season succeeded into making the elimination rounds. This unexperienced before progress raised moral within the team as there was a visible indicator on their progress.

We all had a great time at the scrimmage which wouldn’t have been made possible without the great venue provided by Unitec and all the tireless volunteers who spend the entire day ensuring the games run smoothly.