Scrimmage - 19th September

By Finn Beavis on Saturday September 19, 2015

On Saturday 5 K-Force teams competed at the 6th official Scrimmage held at Unitec in Albany

On the 19th of September 5 K-Force teams competed at the 6th official Auckland scrimmage, 2919A and 2919B the two most senior teams were not present at the scrimmage due to other commitments that they had committed to, although this meant that there was not as much support 2919C provided excellent role models for the younger students.

At the end of the qualification rounds 2919C was ranked 2nd with an undefeated record although nearly losing to 2919F who also had a great day ending up ranked 6th in the qualification round.

During the elimination rounds 2919F allied with 2901D and 2919C allied with 2908E, both alliances progressed through to the semi-finals where the 2919F alliance was eliminated and the 2919C alliance progressed through into the finals where they beat the 8674 teams in order to win their first competition.