November - Looking Ahead

By Tristram Speedy on Monday November 2, 2015

As senior's are preparing for their NCEA exam starting in mid-november and carrying through until the end of the New Zealand school year K-Force is preparing for the summer break as well.

As the end of the year grows closer robotics as an extra-curricular activity is starting to wind down as the senior and middle school students prepare to sit there exams during November and December. 

Despite the need to study for exams, K-force is as hectic as ever with 2919B deciding to do a late season merge with 2919A in order to be more successful in qualifying for the world champs at the New Zealand at the end of March.

2919C and 2919M are still very actively partaking in robotics late in the year as they have few exams to sit and are focusing on producing some of the most accurate robots in New Zealand in terms of firing the balls into the net by spending hours tweaking and testing there catapults and flywheel designs. While all the other K-Force teams are working hard to make there robots score from full field and ensuring good "robot attributes" 

K-Force resumes full operation on the 2ndof February where we there will be a team meeting where we will look forward and set some goals for the remainder of the season.