Scrimmage - 12th September

By Adam Mcleod on Saturday September 12, 2015

On the 12th of September Kforce teams travelled to Kforce unsure with what to expect halfway through the season.

On Saturday the 12th of September, three Kristin teams attend a scrimmage for Nothing but Net. The scrimmage was held at Unitec where 24 teams competed alongside the k-force teams.

Although the scrimmage was not as intense as there were fewer teams competing as many of the “named” teams were absent. After the qualification rounds Wingus and Dingus took the top two places (7682) closely followed closely by Levi from GCEC (2918B). 2919B finished the qualification rounds ranked 7th with a W-L-T record of 5-3-0.  In the elimination rounds, 2919B allied with 1918F to form the 6th seed alliance but due to complications lost 12 points to 23. The junior Robot 2919M competed at their first scrimmage of the season and although being a push-bot they ended up a very respectable 8th after qualification round with a W-L-T record of 5-3-0. After progressing through alliance selection they formed the 5th seed alliance with 2906A but like 2919B failed to make it into the semi-finals. Another one of K-Forces Junior teams, 2919X unfortunately did not make it into the elimination rounds after finishing the qualification rounds ranked 22.