Changes are happening

By Finn Beavis on Tuesday August 18, 2015

Over the past few months there have been significant changes in Kforce in leadership and operation in order to operate the team more cohesively and therefor successfully. 

A new science teacher at Kristin has come on board as a more than welcome mentor for the team. Mr Kelly, is the founding teacher of Rangitoto robotics who successfully competed at worlds in 2010 when K-Force won the high school division. Mr Kelly’s involvement will ensure that students can continue to work in the workshop 4 nights a week as unfortunately Miss Kylie Dunlop, has left the team due to her returning home to the UK, K-Force whish’s all the best for her and her future teaching.

Over the past few weeks files on have been refreshed and updated, Along with a major edit of the student manual, sponsorship information and a new section of the website “Order Parts” this section of the website is very long overdue as it allows students and teams to request parts and for these parts to be collated so that they can be organised easily for ordering.

Finally please check out K-Force’s Manual for the 2015-2016 season, it is updated with competition dates, and other key information regarding the operation of K-Force this season.


***Remember it is an expectation that each participant has read this manual***

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