By on Saturday September 5, 2015

Blokes Breakfast @ Kristin School

Multi Million dollar helicopters, rally cars, luxary trailer boats and vex robotics all bought togather in one great morning, Helping to bond father son relationships on the 4th of September

On Thursday the 4th of September K-Force participated in the “big boys toys, Blokes Breakfast” This is an annual event put on by the school for fathers and sons, it features a range displays including, rally cars, boats, and helicopters (and of course robotics). K-Force Featured our competition robots as well as for a gold coin donation allowed students to drive sqaurebots on the field, pushing round various games elements.

Through the event despite the early wakeup, K-Force stimulated interest within the younger Kristin community from the junior school, who we hope to see as they move through the school into the middle school where they can join robotics