Scrimmage - 8th August

By on Sunday August 9, 2015

On the 8th of August three K Force teams went to the second scrimmage of the year with high hopes

On the Friday 8th August, four Kristin teams went to the second scrimmage of the new season, Nothing But Net in New Zealand. This was held in Unitech, where 34 other teams were present.

After the Qualification Rounds, 2919A has ended up 6th, and made it to the elimination rounds with us, 2919F, who came 11th, as the fourth seed alliance. We managed to progress to the semi-finals where we were knocked out by the first seed alliance: 2915A from Lynfield and 7682 Wingus and Dingus, who managed to win the scrimmage in two rounds. 2919B and C have ended up 25th and 23rd respectively, and put up a very commendable effort in the scrimmage.

We would like to thank the volunteers who helped out, as this scrimmage wouldn’t have been possible without you coming early and setting everything up. And back at Kristin, we are all are getting ready for the next scrimmage on the 22ndAugust where we hope to have more teams competing.