By Finn Beavis on Thursday July 30, 2015

DesigNZ and our first scrimmage

Over the past couple of weeks KForce has been very busy scroll down to find out more

Once again we were asked to do something very out of the ordinary even more so then when we made a geared clock to run on the set of a major production. K-Force were asked to have robots partake in a fashion show, bringing garments and other pieces of art down a catwalk. At first this idea perplexed us but Adam, Jamie and I came up with two robots that would carry the pieces down the catwalk.  


The night was a great success with our past team captain on lighting and sound and both robots working flawlessly and no accidents or damage to any garments and the audience loving the slight twist! It was also a great chance for the senior students in K-force to once again see Christian Silver, who we all respect but has left us at k-force to go onto university in Cambridge.


On the Saturday we competed in the very first Nothing but Net Scrimmage in the country, it was a great experience and very beneficial for all that showed up. 2919B, did not perform as well as hoped due to various issues but it was the closest robot to being able to lift another robot at the scrimmage, unfortunately due to the time spent in workshop sessions working on the ramp the flywheel was not sufficiently tested for competition. 2919A competed very successfully switching between 1st and 2nd place throughout the entire scrimmage with a 7-0-1 WLT record but unfortunately faced MAGS in the last qualification. Kforce Congratulates MAGAS and House Of Science who won the scrimmage very convincingly in two matches they were definitely the two standout robots in the competition. Overall it was a great scrimmage and as usual ran flawlessly thanks to all the AURA and massy volunteers.

The next scrimmage is in two weeks where Kforce hopes to have four teems competing at unitec.