Nothing But Net

By Matt Mazer on Tuesday June 2, 2015

Finally after weeks of waiting for Kiwi Challenge to end, We have offically started Nothing But Net, although not building yet :(

After months of waiting for the new game to be released, and then the game elements to arrive in New Zealand we can finally start on the new game. Last Tuesday we had a team meeting, we went over some fine rules in terms of this year’s building and safety hazards and team part restrictions. After much debate amongst Mr Allen, and the senor students K-force has committed to seven competition teams. 

This is very exciting for k-force despite the daunting thought of getting external sponsorship, which has only been done a few years, however there was an entire team agreed that to meet k-forces goals we wanted to go down the path of more teams as it allows for teams of approx. 4 people. Through these smaller team numbers, K-force hopes to be able to better allow students to learn about science, technology, engineering and maths.